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Who is Sonja Fullwood the Life Coach?

Mostly, I’m a work in progress (still & always).  I began life in a very small town – Sinclair, WY.  I am one of 5 children, being the only girl (somewhat on the spoiled side).  I don’t have a lot of memories of Wyoming except it was very cold.  My parents made a decision to move to Arizona when I was 8 years old. Looking for a better, warmer life.  We moved around from Phoenix, to Chandler, to Tempe – where we lived until I married at 17.  We were always “poor” – there was never enough of anything.  Life was challenging to say the least (another story, another day).  The one bright light in my life was always school, education, reading, dreaming of a better way, a better life.


Why Work with Me?

Are you wanting to live a life filled with great health, joy, passion, love (from the inside out), freedom (financial & time), great relationships, travel?  What do you really want?  Believe that you can still have the life you’ve always dreamed of and that it’s NEVER, EVER TOO LATE TO HAVE ANY THING AND ANY LIFE YOU WANT!

Begin to see every day as a new, exciting, power-filled, desire-driven day.  Give up trying to please others, love yourself, define your perfect day/life, be open to new experiences, and make friends with her inner-critic. No longer struggle with confidence, low self-esteem, a limiting belief system, and has create a financial foundation that allows for your new life – the life you have desired for years. You will gather the necessary tools, resources, and confidence to always know you’re always EXTRAORDINARY!



Professional Coaching

Life always throws us challenges around health, relationships, money, careers, business, and raising children. Have you found yourself frozen in life because you are unsure what to do next. Are you distrustful of the future not sure how you got so far off track? Do you see where you “wish” you were but don’t believe it’s possible to get there?

If this defines your life, if you are feeling stuck and insecure, unable to make decisions, feeling distrustful of everyone and everything, it might be time to take a step back and figure out how you can go from “stuck” to “unstuck”, from “fear” to “trust”, from “unhealthy” to “healthy”.



Sonja has been more than a coach to me . . . Sonja helped me keep my feet on the ground, stay focused on what is ahead, make plans for the future, and maintain my sanity through probably the most difficult times in my life.  For all of this I am grateful.

Christine H.


My Mission

I am passionate in supporting people to live the lives they have dreamt about forever.  I look at people as unique, perfect, and multi-faceted.  We are all created different from the inside out – so my approach and mission is to empower and support your UNIQUENESS.  There is only ONE YOU – so the key is being the BEST YOU POSSIBLE from this day forward. That includes relationships, body, mind, work, family, spirit and all the areas that affect our overall well-being.




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“It’s never too late to be what you might have been”

George Eliot


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What Makes Me Different?

Education & certifications that support your life path. Working in the field with diverse populations – from troubled teens, to entire families, to individuals struggling with growing their businesses, individuals frustrated with the results in their lives, couples wanting to improve their relationships, and financial life.

What can I help you achieve:

  • Purpose, direction and clarity
  • Meaning and fulfillment
  • Less stress and worry
  • Stronger, healthier relationships
  • Greater personal and professional success
  • Tons of confidence
  • Energy to last all day!

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Mission Statement

I am passionate in supporting people to live the lives they have dreamt about forever. I look at people as unique, perfect, and multi-faceted. We are all created different from the inside out – so my approach and mission is to empower and support your UNIQUENESS. Read More…