What gets in your way of being successful?  Fear, being an extrovert, lack of confidence?  Let’s explore the confidence issue.   Lack of confidence can get in the way of your career, relationships, and social life. Having low self-confidence can get in your way when you lease expect it.  The good news is  your sense of self-confidence is up to you!   If you avoid managing your confidence, you will not have what you really want in life

Your level of self-confidence might seem random, but you can choose to direct it as you see fit.

Increase your self-confidence – feel better about yourself and your future
  •  Create & celebrate successes-

These successes do not have to be something big –  just something that feels like a success to you (don’t compare your successes to others)  – like getting the garage cleaned out, filing a stack of paper, eating a healthy meal.  Have an intention and follow through on it. When you intend to do something and accomplish it, you feel more confident.

  •  Let go of the past –

No one goes through life without having  things go wrong, but what has happened in the past has nothing to do with today. Your future is created today. There’s no reason to weigh your self down with anything that’s happened in the past.  Acknowledge your past – see the lessons – move on!

  •  Find & do exercise you love –

Any type of exercise you love to do will support your growing self-confidence.  Going for a run, doing 25 pushups, going for a power walk  – all of these activities can boost your self-confidence. Break a sweat and you’ll boost your confidence.

  •  Build your social skills –

If you feel you struggle with social skills this can be a common cause of low self-confidence. Interacting with others is an important activity. When you know that you can do it well, your self-confidence will increase. There are many books and websites created to address this issue..

  • Hang out with positive people

If the people you surround yourself throughout the day are negative these people this people will affect  your mood and outlook on life. Your confidence is affected, too. Find or create  a social group that supports you and maintains a positive attitude.

  •  Tackle a fear

Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?  Afraid of snakes? Go to the pet store and ask to hold a snake. Fear of heights? Find a building downtown that allows the public to use the observation deck. We move away from our fears – not toward them. Rather than hiding, face a fear head-on and notice how confident you feel afterwards. Courage and self-confidence are cousins.

  • Make a list of your past successes

We have a tendency to focus on our failures instead of our success!  Stop -take just a minute or two to remember your successes (large or small). You’ll feel more powerful after just 60 seconds. Better yet, make a list and carry it with you. Start with your childhood and move forward in time to the present day. When you’re feeling down, pull out your list and bask in your successes.

  • Do something you’re good at –

What do you do well?  Play the piano, knit, ski, draw, run, build websites.  After a challenging  day, nothing can boost your confidence like spending some time at an activity you excel at. Create a list of the things you do well and spend some time each day doing one of them. Block  this time into your calendar. If possible, create a social event around the activity. Having someone see you do something well is an even bigger boost to your self-confidence.

  •  Get out of your head

Get out of your head and into your life.  Being in your head is what drives your confidence down.  Unless, of course, your head is filed with all your successes, awards, projects, recognitions. Our brain is designed to “protect” us.  This means your brain is going to say things like “remember you’re afraid of snakes, I don’t think people like you – remember when you got bullied, etc.   When you “hear” this part of your brain shouting at you – tell it to “that’s not true – this is what’s true”.  It’s hard to lack confidence if you’re not even thinking about yourself. If you’re alone, spend time doing something that engrosses your attention.

Building up your self confidence will be a game changer. Take time each day to enhance your self-confidence. Just a few minutes of effort can change the way you feel about yourself. Everything is easier and more enjoyable when you’re confident in your abilities. Avoid allowing the world to dictate your level of self-confidence. Remember – you’re in charge of what you think about yourself – no one else.