Meet Sonja – Life Coach

Who is Sonja Fulllwood?

sonjafullwoodcoachingMostly, I’m a work in progress (still & always). I began life in a very small town called Sinclair, WY. I am one of 5 children, being the only girl (somewhat on the spoiled side). I don’t have a lot of memories of Wyoming except it was very cold. My parents made a decision to move to Arizona when I was 8 years old. Looking for a better, warmer life. We moved around from Phoenix, to Chandler, to Tempe – where we lived until I married at 17. We were always “poor” – there was never enough of anything. Life was challenging to say the least (another story, another day). The one bright light in my life was always school, education, reading, dreaming of a better way, a better life.

After I married at 17 because of pregnancy (dropped out of high school – I had a teacher who told me I would never amount to anything!) – my life took a whole new direction & opened up a whole new world. A world where I was able to speak up, be heard, listened to, understood, and validated. We had two children by the age of 20. At 26 I wanted to go back to school – applied & was accepted into the junior college, and later completed my Bachelor’s & a Master’s at Arizona State University – all while working full time, raising two children, and being married. Crazy times – well worth the sacrifices! I was the only person in my family to ever pursue & complete advanced education.

My degrees were in Secondary Business Education. I taught business courses at Dobson High School. After 5 years, I left to open up my own business – office supply & copy stores. This decision was driven by my desire to live life on my terms – I’m somewhat of a rebel! After 10 years I sold the stores. Then I was left with “What Now?”


“What now” created an opening for me to pursue a silent passion of helping others pursue their desired life. I was always the person people reached out to when they were stuck, uncertain of what was next for them, frustrated, lost, unsure. I’m a great listener & problem solver. These feelings & thoughts took me to the University of Phoenix to obtain a Master’s in Counseling.

Upon graduation, I was contracted to work with troubled teen boys in a remote environment (Western Samoa). I counseled approximately 125 teens & their families during my time with this company. I loved listening, observing, guiding, offering alternative solutions & ways of thinking.

After 2 years, I opened up my own residential facility in Dewey, AZ for approximately 8 years. Loved the work, loved the teens & their families, loved watching the transformations of the teens & their parents. When we encountered the economic crisis I was unable to continue keeping the facility open. So, I was at a cross road again, with the same question “What Now?” Are you seeing a theme?


inn imageYes, back to school! Transformational Life Coach! Since then I’ve added more certifications to my portfolio – Certified Holistic Coach, Certified Wellness Coach, Institute of Integrative (IIN) Health Coach. I have been working with clients who – like me – feel like they deserve more – the list can be endless but generally is – more freedom (money & time), more health, more joy, more love, more abundance, more friends, more experiences, more travel – the list goes on!

  • Do you feel that life could be better right now?
  • Do you think you’re running out of time?
  • Do you believe you’re not worthy of having what you want?
  • Do you visualize your dream life but do not have a clue how you can have it?
  • Do you ache to create lasting memories?

Then welcome home – you’re in the right place – at the perfect time! It’s never too late to have the life you desire. No matter what I coach, I believe that change/transformation is an “inside out” process. If you want to lose weight, going on another diet is not the solution – the solution lives inside you – figuring out what gets in the way & conquering your self-limiting beliefs.

My blessings: I have now been married for 52-years to the same amazing man – David (despite the deck being stacked against us). I have 2 grown children, 9 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren.

And most of all, I love the ability to support people in being extraordinary.


We would be honored to help you accomplish your goals.



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What Makes Sonja Different?

Education & certifications that support your life path. Working in the field with diverse populations – from troubled teens, to entire families, to individuals struggling with growing their businesses, individuals frustrated with the results in their lives, couples wanting to improve their relationships, and financial life.

can help you achieve:

  • Purpose, direction and clarity
  • Meaning and fulfillment
  • Less stress and worry
  • Stronger, healthier relationships
  • Greater personal and professional success

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Mission Statement

I am passionate in supporting people to live the lives they have dreamt about forever. I look at people as unique, perfect, and multi-faceted. We are all created different from the inside out – so my approach and mission is to empower and support your UNIQUENESS. Read More…