Resources & Tools

Resources & Tools

The courses and workshops are not yet available.  As they become available, they will be posted, so make sure you return to this page.  Also, if you have suggestions on topics you would like to explore, please let me know through the contact page or feel free to call me.


21065012 - free happy woman enjoying nature beauty girl outdoorI am passionate in supporting people to live the lives they have dreamt about forever.  I look at people as unique, perfect, and multi-faceted.  We are all created different from the inside out – so my approach and mission is to empower and support your UNIQUENESS.  There is only ONE YOU – so the key is being the BEST YOU POSSIBLE from this day forward. That includes relationships, body, mind, work, family, spirit and all the areas that affect our overall well-being.

The UNIQUENESS of who you are begins with embracing your internal thoughts and beginning to understand that OUR THOUGHTS CREATE THINGS.  This revelation is powerful – it is the key to knowing how and what can be changed with understanding our thoughts.   Think about this – you are influenced by your thoughts all day, everyday.  Are you ready to change your results?  Start by changing your thoughts!

I am passionate about helping as many people as I can live their life to the fullest.  Live their life so that they can have more time flexibility, more income and more life!  Show people how to acknowledge, accept and monitor their thoughts each day so they can change their results in life and Crush It!

I invite you to step into the life you’ve always desired.  No excuses, just action!


I would be honored to help you accomplish your goals.



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5 Simple Steps – Boost Your Wellness TODAY

You can do some simple things to ensure that you feel as fit and healthy as possible, starting today. These are 5 simple changes that you can make to your lifestyle to improve your overall wellness. 1. Get Some Sleep Sleep is a most critical component of wellness. You...

How to Find Fulfilling Life-Focus Activities

What you focus on will generally manifest itself in your life. Many people call this the Law of Attraction. Unlike the speed limit, it’s one of those universal laws that you really can’t break. Sooner or later, what you focus on will be what your life...

What Makes Me Different?

Education & certifications that support your life path. Working in the field with diverse populations – from troubled teens, to entire families, to individuals struggling with growing their businesses, individuals frustrated with the results in their lives, couples wanting to improve their relationships, and financial life.

Let me help you achieve:

  • Purpose, direction and clarity
  • Meaning and fulfillment
  • Less stress and worry
  • Stronger, healthier relationships
  • Greater personal and professional success
  • Tons of confidence
  • Long-lasting energy

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About Me

Mostly, I’m a work in progress (still & always).  I began life in a very small town called Sinclair, WY.  I am one of 5 children, being the only girl (somewhat on the spoiled side).  I don’t have a lot of memories of Wyoming except it was very cold.  My parents made a decision to move to Arizona when I was 8 years old. Looking for a better, warmer life.  We moved around from Phoenix, to Chandler, to Tempe – where we lived until I married at 17.  Read More…