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“Coaching: extending traditional training methods to include focus on (1) an individual’s needs and accomplishments, (2) close observation, and (3) impartial and non-judgmental feedback on performance” This defines Sonja Fullwood.  I have worked with Sonja many times and what I like about her is that she listens first to your needs and then gives you recommendations by asking you those questions you really don’t want to face.  But if you do face them, and ponder the answers, Sonja will lead you the rest of the way toward your goals.  She does all of this in a very caring and loving way without holding any judgment about what you end up doing or not.  She helped me when I divorced, when I have been full of indecision (many times!) and continues to always cheer me up as I move forward in this life.  I highly recommend Sonja Fullwood for all coaching needs.

J Fisher

My coaching sessions with Sonja have been a wonderful experience.  She has helped me in so many ways.  She has helped me in suggesting tools that fit my personality and that empowered me.  I now have a structure to help me form new productive habits.  Sonja is an excellent listener and she gathers information and then suggests things that might help.  Everything is my choice and it is really nice to have someone who looks from the outside in and helps to break things down into manageable pieces.  Sonja is very supportive and inspires me to become more of who I am by encouraging me to do what feels right.  

A Grenier

I used to think I could not afford the cost of a personal coach.  After working with Sonja, I realized that I cannot afford to NOT have one.  I have seen positive results in every area of my life.  Sonja’s approach is gentle, she allows and assists me to develop goals, create action plans, and provides invaluable feedback.  She provides accountability and support without judgment.  My telephone sessions with Sonja are like catching up with a dear friend – that ends with fantastic results.

R Holden

I want to thank Sonja Fullwood, my long-time coach, who has seen me through many false starts and dead ends on the road to the creation of this book – “A World to Come Home to”.  

C Hover

When you have Sonja in your corner you are a winner.  She taught me how to relate to my teenage son.  She both motivated me and taught me in a way that I always felt great after our sessions as well as more effective.  Following that, she helped me get my life back – motivating me and teaching me to see possibilities, rather than roadblocks.  I didn’t always agree with everything and that’s OK because I always learned and felt respected.  If you have Sonja in your life you are fortunate indeed.  P.S.  She is great in coaching adolescents.  She has won my son’s respect – and that was a challenge.

S Stanley
North Carolina

I don’t remember when I started working with Sonja but it has been at least five or six years.  Sonja came into my life after I had already suffered several personal losses and during a time when I was not sure what direction to take.   Things did not get easier after that but things did get better.  With Sonja’s help, I was able to get through the long decline and loss of my mother, my husband’s open-heart surgery, dealing with some difficult financial issues and focusing on starting a new career path while maintaining my old career.   Sonja has been more than a coach to me . . . Sonja helped me keep my feet on the ground, stay focused on what is ahead, make plans for the future, and maintain my sanity through probably the most difficult times in my life.  For all of this I am grateful.

Christine H.


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