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Let’s face it: we could all use some Coaching.

sonja fullwood coachingIs living a life filled with joy, passion, love (from the inside out), freedom (financial & time), believing she can still have the life she’s always dreamed of and that it’s NEVER, EVER TOO LATE TO HAVE A FABULOUS LIFE! Every day is a new, exciting, power-filled, desire-driven day. She has given up trying to please others, loves herself, has defined her perfect day/life, she is open to new experiences, and has made friends with her inner-critic. She no longer struggles with confidence, low self-esteem, a limiting belief system, and has created a financial foundation that allows for her new life – the life she has desired for years. She gathered the necessary tools, resources, and confidence to always know she’s EXTRAORDINARY! She has dropped being a victim of her life and taken her life back with a vengeance! She cannot even imagine life before she woke up and started recognizing that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. What ELSE is possible in YOUR life? Dream it. Believe it. Feel it. Live it.

The path to happiness . . . The biggest decision you will need to make is do you really want to change and are your READY to change. You are the driver of your desired life – I’m the guide. Working together will be accomplished by defining the outcomes you are looking to create. We will start on the inside (thoughts and feelings) and work our way out. By simply going within, acknowledging your current feelings and having a vision of what you would ideally like to feel more of, you will then simply choose the thoughts that will take you towards the way you want to feel. It’s not just about working harder and harder to change your results…it is about going within and to the true cause of our current results. If you’re ready – let’s get started. Go to my contact page – set a time on my calendar for us to do a FREE LASER COACHNG SESSION – the session will be set for 90 minutes – during this session we will work on . . .

  • Creating a crystal clear vision for ‘ultimate results’ so you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed, and what you need to do to make it happen.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to create changes that last or that are slowing down your progress
  • Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to finally achieve the change(s) you seek – once and for all.


We would be honored to help you accomplish your goals.



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What makes Change so Challenging?

As we move towards “changing” such as identifying New Year’s resolutions, the statistics show that 80% or more of those resolutions fall to the wayside within one week.  Let’s think about this – if we were ready and open to change because we believe change was easy...

What Makes Me Different?

Education & certifications that support your life path. Working in the field with diverse populations – from troubled teens, to entire families, to individuals struggling with growing their businesses, individuals frustrated with the results in their lives, couples wanting to improve their relationships, and financial life.

can help you achieve:

  • Purpose, direction and clarity
  • Meaning and fulfillment
  • Less stress and worry
  • Stronger, healthier relationships
  • Greater personal and professional success
  • Enhanced energy

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Mission Statement

I am passionate in supporting people to live the lives they have dreamt about forever. I look at people as unique, perfect, and multi-faceted. We are all created different from the inside out – so my approach and mission is to empower and support your UNIQUENESS. Read More…