Step 1 - Pre-Qualifying Interview

Let's get on the phone or on-line for 15 minutes to determine what your financial challenges looks like - I will send a short personal financial snapshot to fill in and return before the interview.

Step 2 - Setting Up Next Steps

When we finish our pre-qualifying session, we will decide how to move forward and you will then receive a more complete financial packet.  The key will be to have numbers that are as accurate as possible.

Step 3 - On-going Support and Tracking

Over the time we will be working together, we will set up ongoing sessions to hold you accountable for your progress and encourage you on your successes!


Step #1 - Emergency Fund

You will get to know the "baby steps" to being debt free - and starting with Step 1 - getting your Emergency in place of either $500 or $1000 depending on your income.

Step #2 - Where Does the Money Go?

Next, we will begin figuring out where the money is going by using a Cash Flow Plan (aka a Budget).  We always thought the "B" word meant being restricted in all areas of our money life.  That did not turn out to be the truth - when we created our cash flow plan - more money showed up - Amazing!

The key to succeeding financially, is working as a couple if you're married or an accountability partner if single!



Next Steps...

Glad you asked - your next steps will be to set-up a pre-qualifying session to determine what your overall financial picture looks like, get to know each other, and determine what will be your next steps after the session . . .